Welcome to Barn Find Fever

Barn finds are those classic and collectible cars and trucks that have been barn-bound — some for just a few years, others for decades. Why were these classics taken off the road? How rare are they, and what kind of condition are they in today? These are just some of the questions we hope to answer at Barn Find Fever.

Most people have a barn find within 5 miles of where they live, whether they know it or not. We’d like nothing more than to tell the story of how the car or truck came to be shuttered away for so many years. If the owner wants to sell, we can help facilitate such a transaction. If the owner is concerned about his or her privacy, we respect it, fully understand it, and guarantee confidentiality.

Welcome to the web site for Barn Find Fever. On these pages you can learn a little about our team, visit an image gallery, and read our blog posts in the hunt for barn finds. In addition, we’ve set up easy ways for you to tell us about any barn finds in your area.

Know of a Barn Find in Your Area? Send us a message!

Let us know as we’d like to connect with the owner to learn about the vehicle and how it came to be barn-bound.

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