Hidden treasures always command a lot of attention and that’s no less true with barn find cars and trucks. Here are a few ideas on where to get more information, opinions, and ideas.

    Carsinbarns is dedicated to documenting forgotten cars that are rotting away across American and around the world. Pictures and stories, as submitted to people who spot barn finds, are updated about once a month. You can also select barn finds stories among categories such as Mopars, wing cars, Chevrolet, Ford, AMC, and Classics.
    This is a site devoted to interesting cars and trucks, some barn finds and many not. As it says on the web site, “barn finds, rally cars, and needles in the haystack” are the featured vehicles here. Much of the content is submitted by enthusiasts who spot a car that is worth featuring.
    The online auction site has a huge section devoted to motor vehicles in its sub-level site Ebay motors. Click on eBay Motors from the homepage, and then click on “Cars & Trucks.” Type “barn finds” in the Search field. A recent search displayed more than 80 barn finds for sale.


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