601, 2017

Three Lakes Car & Boat Show at the Petroleum Museum

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If you’ve never visited the Petroleum Museum in Three Lakes, WI, you’re missing one of the finest museums in the Upper Midwest. Barn Find Fever was there in early August for the Car & Boat Show. It was a grand event on a grand day with more than 150 entries on display.

There were plenty of […]

601, 2017

Bloomington Gold, Indianapolis

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We’ve only missed two of these meets since they began in the early 1970s. From the 2016 event in Indy, we noticed this ’63 split window coupe on display. If the claims are true, this is some barn-find car. Well, we suppose it’s a “garage-find”, but that counts, too.

The Corvette was displayed on “legend’s row” […]

601, 2017

Balboa Car Show, Newport Beach, CA

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Barn Find Fever recently attended the Balboa Car Show in Newport Beach, CA. We were there hunting barn finds — the restored type — and the nifty stories that surround them. Here are two good ones.

This green 1950 Plymouth Suburban wagon is owned by Bill from Newport Beach. He and his brother found the car […]

1403, 2016

’63 Barn Find FollowUp

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One of the nice benefits of discovering a barn find is what happens next. In July 2015, Brian Eggers of Saginaw, Michigan shared with us his stunning black, dusty, ’63 Corvette split window coupe. Brian had a plan for that car, and you can see in the images below how that story evolved.

The Corvette, finished […]

2910, 2015

What we found at Denny’s Country Garage

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We drove down his 200-yard, beautifully maintained gravel drive and into a thick grove of tall, mature oaks. That is where we found Denny’s Country Garage. Come along with us on this beautiful drive in.

The term “shade tree mechanic” came to mind, but Denny is much more than that. Restoring vintage cars into Rat Rods […]

1310, 2015

67 Camaro Convertible RS/SS 396

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It was quite the occasion.  The ’67 had been in the shed since 1985 and it was destined to be extracted from its earthly (literally) bonds. Scott, the new owner, and his son Shane had assembled a small team of friends to partake in the ceremony, plus help dig, push, pull and cajole the Camaro […]

2907, 2015


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Recently, a fellow member of the Corvette Forum posted a craigslist ad titled “split window mania” where he found a split window coupe project car with an exorbitant price. A number of responses took shots at the car and its legitimacy, and rightly so we thought.

I called the number and spoke to the owner whom […]

606, 2015

Rough & Ready ’48 Ford and a Sweet & Smooth ’62 Chrysler 300

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One of the most awarding aspects of our search for barn finds, is what else we’re discovering. Most notably are the immensely talented people who can build engines, paint, perform electrical work, bodywork, weld, and those who are not afraid of a little adventure. Oh, and did we mention some of these amazing people might […]

2104, 2015

Restored Barn, Restored Hot Rod

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This was a fun discovery. We happened upon this barn from just driving down a country road. We could tell that John and Paulette had some vehicles, but they also had a barn unlike any other. This first video takes you with us down the road.

It was in 1989 that John purchased 10 acres (I […]

2603, 2015

Hidden Hudson — x 2

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Today we had the pleasure of stopping in and meeting Doug and Mary. A 1958 Chevy serves as a landmark at the 12-acre rural site where Doug was born and raised 50+ years ago.

We found Doug installing lighting fixtures in his spacious new aluminum outbuilding and he was happy to tell us about several of […]